19 March 2015 Leveraging the potential of UX

About UX Masterclass

Leveraging the potential of UX

Find out how to attract, engage and retain customers in a highly competitive, global marketplace by mastering user experience.

Hot off the heels of the UX Masterclass in New York, the 11th conference in the series will be hosted by PwC’s Digital Change in Sydney on 19th March 2015. The UX Masterclass will demonstrate how to combine user experience strategies, customer research, and innovation to understand customer needs, design with the customer in mind, measure to retain competitive advantage, and in short – ensure success.

What is the UX Masterclass?

The UX Masterclass is a bi-annual global user experience and design event that brings together the heads of the top global user experience firms from 15 countries.

Our speakers will engage and inspire attendees to think outside the ‘silo’ of their industry and approach challenges with a fresh perspective. This forum will be a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices with professionals from all over the world The UX Masterclass is a flagship event of the UXAlliance – an international network of 25 user experience firms from around the world. PwC’s Digital Change, a partner of the UXAlliance Opens in new window, will host the UX Masterclass in Sydney.

We’ll also be running, for the first time in Australia, a 2 day tutorial for UX Certification Opens in new window 
designed for project managers, and more topical tutorials, to be shared soon.

Fresh ideas

Industry-leading user experience, innovation, customer research, digital intelligence, and design professionals will share innovative methods, case studies, and best practices. Our short presentation format will keep you engaged and moving quickly through the day, maximizing their time for the one-day event.

Who should attend the UX Masterclass

The 11th UX Masterclass brings together experts, authors, and thought-leaders from the field of user experience, innovation, customer research, and digital intelligence Australia and around the world, and presents a unique platform to learn, exchange ideas, gain and share inspiration, and network.

Attendees who would find the UX Masterclass a must-attend:

  • Digital Strategy Leaders
  • Product Managers / Functional Leaders
  • Marketing professionals
  • User Experience Professionals
  • User Interface Designers / Architects
  • Development Managers / Architects
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Design Professionals
  • User / Usability / Market Researchers
  • Business / Industry Analysts


Ticket details have not yet been finalised but you can email to register your interest and we'll let you know when tickets become available.