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Image by Maxim Hopman

WORKSHOP - September 27th - 16:00 to 19:30

Reimagining the Future of Work: Exploring Change through Speculative Design

The way work is organized has a big impact on people's lives. New technologies like artificial intelligence and remote work are changing how we work every day. In this changing environment, employers have a lot of power to make decisions that affect their employees' lives.


We're going to use a creative approach called "speculative design methodology", specifically through a process called "defamiliarization", to look at work agreements in a new way and think about how they might change in the future. This approach involves imagining different possibilities that might seem unusual or unexpected. We'll focus on important parts of work like goals, where you work, when you work, the tools you use, and your protections. Our goal is to create a new way of working that is good for the environment and includes all types of workers.

Using this approach will help us bring together different ideas, ways of thinking, values, and situations. We'll talk about what we think the future of work should look like. 


Our main aim is to come up with new and creative ideas that employers can use to make the future of work better. By working together, thinking creatively, and dealing with today's challenges, we'll build a vision of the future where both employers and employees are happy.

The purpose of the workshop is to:

  1. Learn a new creative method: We want to understand a way of thinking called "speculative design methodology" through the process of "defamiliarization."

  2. Become better leaders: We'll learn how leaders can make their companies better places to work and take care of their employees.

  3. Imagine a new way of working: We're going to come up with a new idea for how work can be fair, environmentally friendly, and include everyone.



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