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UX Masterclass Conference

Sep 28th, 2023 - Zaragoza, Spain


We are changemakers.

How leaders can design change in a complex world

Talks and speakers

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The Future of AI in UX: Insights from the Global Frontline

AI in UX research: a game-changer with a catch. This technology ushers in unprecedented potential but also invites risks needing strategic navigation. How does this technology impact our current tools and methods and the future of UX research? In this presentation, we unravel the rich tapestry of global UX researchers’ experiences with AI, drawn from a 24-country study.

Lindsey DeWitt Prat

Senior UX Researcher
Bold Insight | USA

Bob Schumacher

Managing Partner
Bold Insight | United Kingdom


Celebrating Differences, Igniting Change: The Power of Cultural Design in Solving our Biggest Challenges

Join Helga as she takes us on an inspiring journey through the captivating landscape of African innovation, illustrating how designing for cultural diversity can lead to innovation and change for the global good. We will explore the transformative power of technology in revolutionising key sectors, creating opportunities for business innovation and global change.

Helga Stegmann

Mantaray | Africa


Designing Change: Unlocking the Potential of Automotive UIs through Qualitative-Quantitative UX Benchmarking

In partnership with a top automotive OEM, uintent has pioneered a groundbreaking benchmarking method for assessing automotive user experience (UX). This innovative approach evaluates UX across various contexts through real driving, simulated scenarios, and static conditions. With over 50 cars tested on three continents, this comprehensive method empowers transformative change in automotive design.

Jan Panhof

uintent | Germany


How leaders can better grasp future generations: A UX research perspective

Leaders aiming for behavioral change often stereotype those from future generations. From a UX research perspective, in a rapidly changing world, we are planning to discuss the importance of going beyond stereotyping to truly understand each generation.


Ayumu Takeuchi

Senior UX Researcher
Mitsue-Links | Japan

Honoka Sumida

UX Researcher
Mitsue-Links | Japan


From UCD to Design Justice: New Approaches to Adapt Design to Contemporary Challenges

Join us for a transformative journey in this session, as we reshape design principles to address current challenges like the climate crisis and democratic issues. This masterclass shifts the view of design beyond aesthetics, urging participants to see it as a force for positive change. It bridges User-Centered Design (UCD) with Design Justice, using feminist and decolonial lenses to empower through design. Explore how ethics, diversity, and cultural sensitivity can create fairer design outcomes.

Judith Membrives

Policy Analyst & Network Dynamizer | Spain


From Complexity to Clarity: Navigating the Journey to Inclusive Digital Finance

Commissioned by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this talk will explain a 2-year multi-country research project where SomiaCX explored the onboarding journey in the digital financial journey of the unbanked and underserved in peri-urban and rural areas, where there is a high drop-off rate. We represented the Indonesia leg deep diving into the considerations, approach, struggles, findings (less of), and lessons with the hope to provoke some thoughts and to share some learnings.

Chin Chin Burkolter

Director & Principal Consultant
SomiaCX | Singapore/Indonesia

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Who is it?


This year, the UX Masterclass will take place at Ibercaja Patio de la Infanta in Zaragoza, Spain.

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