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18 events since 2010

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18- Bogotà (Colombia + remote) in 2021
Mumbai (India + remote) in 2020
Johannesburg (South Africa) in 2019
Milan (Italy) in 2018
Shanghai (China) in 2017
Mexico (Mexico) in 2016
Sydney (Australia) in 2015
New York (USA) in 2014
Bangalore (India) in 2014
Roma (Italy) in 2013
Prague (Czech republic) in 2013
Madrid (Spain) in 2013
Moscow (Russia) in 2012
Johannesburg (South Africa) in 2012
4- Chicago (USA) in 2011
3- Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2011
Montreal (Canada) in 2010
1- Auckland (New Zealand) in 2010

Bogotà 2021

Design for the future, Design for everyone

  • Building an inclusive design mindset
    Joelle Stemp (Yu Centric, Cananda)
  • Design is a politcal act: a framework for ethical and responsible design Luca Baldini (Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Inclusive research with undeserved audiences
    Kellie Hodge and Mark Brady (Sutherland Labs, UK)
  • Ethics and responsibility in UX design
    Susan Wolfe (OE Strategy, Australia)
  • Designing for digital inclusion in government
    Yalkenka Marien (Namahn, Belgium)
  • Design is a political act: a framework for ethical and responsible design
    Luca Baldini (Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Why now is the time to ensure artificial intelligence captures the right data
    Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, USA)
  • Ethical considerations in user research
    Alphonso Romay (Torresburriel, Spain)
  • UX training as a driving force in emerging markets
    Daniel Torres Buriel (Torresburriel, Spain)
  • Mobile money: The many different was its has aided inclusion, economies and communities across Africa
    Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Social design with communities in Chilean Patagonia
    Jorge Barahona (AyerViernes, Chile)
  • Building an inclusive design mindset
    Joelle Stemp (Yu Centric, Canada)
  • Research Ops: Our learnings from the last 6 months
    Marine Debussche and Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Remote research during Covid 19: What next?
    Liezel Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • UX Needs design leaders
    Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland)
  • What happens to UX research once the pandemic is over
    Bob Schumacher (Bold Insight, US)
2020 India.png
Mumbai 2020
The changing faces of UX
Our first online event
  • The Courage to Understand People Deeply -  Indi Young 
  • Facebook Desirability Toolkit -  Krispian Emert 
  • Transforming Banking Experiences -  Pallavi Kutty
  • Digital transformation journey - Ramya Balasubramaniam
  • Design for Social Impact - Susan J Wolfe (OE Strategy, Australia)
  • Gathering insights with the Next Billion - Melissa Z
  • Spotlight on Inclusion in UX - Muzayun Mukhtar
  • Designing for the next billion -  Harini Karthik
  • Hello UX! When startups dial in UX -  Aurobinda Pradhan and Suren Ramasubbu (Peepal, India)
  • Insights from Africa - Designing for diversity and inclusion -  Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Talking UX in the Lingo of Business Stakeholders - Alvin Chai
  • How to transform your organization through user research? - Frederic Gaillard and Marine Debussche (Axance, France)
  • Building a Research Repository - Durgaprasad Vemula and Diksha Gautam (Peepal, India)
  • Data driven User Modelling & Evidence based Design -  Jeongwoo Ryu
  • Voice of Products: Data driven design - Bhushan Patil
  • Large Enterprises & Startups: Innovating Together - Abhimanyu Kulkarni
  • Humanising Healthcare for Kids - Simon Herd (Sutherland Labs, UK)
  • Employee Experience: Towards a human centric organization  -Tim Bosenick (ReSight Global, Germany)
  • Designing Super Apps - Sameer Chavan
  • Design of Conversational Interfaces -  Luca Petroni (Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Remote Testing, Teens, Parents, Pandemics …What could go wrong? -  Robert Schumacher and Jon Abrams (Bold Insight, US)
  • The Time is Now for Humanizing AI -  Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, US)
  • Design Maturity Model: Why should organizations care? -  Joelle Stemp (Yucentric, Cananda), Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland) and Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
Johannesburg 2019
Humanising innovation: UX driven information
  • Innovation through collaborative design methods - Frederic Gaillard & Taline Karanfilian (Axance, France - Ingenico)
  • The Xploro app - how we approached humanising healthcare for kids - Simon Herd (Sutherland labs, UK)
  • UX means business - Bob Schumacher (Bold Insight, US)
  • How UX breaks down the silo mentality in organisations - Szeran Millo (Symetria, Poland)
  • Successful digital transformation with AI needs UX - Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, US)
  • Reshaping Trust For Financial Services: From Bank Counters To Open Spaces - Daniel Torres Burriel (Torresburriel Estudio, Spain)
  • Digital Ethics in Product Design: aligning business and user interests - Jon Weeks (Mitsue Links, Japan)
  • The evolving role of UX in building brands customers love - Tracy Hayes (Ipsos, US)
  • How may I help you?: How to generate business value starting from customer care interactions, using a user centered and data driven approach - Stefano Zanini & Marzia Battaglia  (Assist, Italy)
  • Employee Experience: How UX Helps to rebuild relationships and humanise companies - Alfonso Romay (Torresburriel Estudio, Spain)
  • The leapfrog effect, can Africa solve the world’s challenges? - Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)


Milan 2018
UX Beyond the Screen
  • UX Design and Research facing the new challenges, from broader UX borders to new technologies - Luca Petroni (Head of Digital Strategy & Design at Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Incubating innovation and Building a Design Thinking culture - Lauren Zack (Head of UX Research and Insights, Acting Head of Design - SONY Interactive Entertainment)
  • A new service design approach to conceive an innovative car sharing experience - Paolo Moroni (Director Customer First & Innovation Group - Toyota Motor Italia S.p.A)
  • Too smart to fail: from a "User Thinking" approach to Business Design methodologies - Mariagrazia Silvaroli & Stefano Zanini (Assist Digital)
  • Automotive UX: challenges and approaches - Wolfgang Waxenberger
  • UX studies in Africa: opportunities for international organisations - Liezel Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Complementing Big Data with Small Data: the Case for Mixed Methods in UX Research - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • Al and UX - Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, Chicago)
  • “Al in digital marketing processes” 
  • by Janne Lohvansuu 
  • “Virtual Reality Applications in UX - Why, What and HoW VR” - Maliee Wah
  • Voice Ul; Forget everything you know about UI Design - Robert Schumacher (Managing Director, Bold Insight, Co-founder UXalliance)
  • Crafting Dreams - Patrizia Marti (Professor of Experience Design - Siena University and Eindhoven University of Technology, Director of the Santa Chiara Fab Lab)
  • Chatbot design: how to design conversational interfaces that work - Marco Palmonari (Assist Digital, France) & Frédéric Dardion (Axance People, France)
  • Design Thinking in large organizations” - Simon Herd
  • The power of user experience map. A collaborative tool to drive successful projects - Olivier Wolton
  • Rapid UX research and testing - Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland)
  • Enhancing Machine Learning with Better User Experience” - Jonathan Weeks & Hiroto Kaku
  • Designing Vocal Conversations - Elisabetta Schiatti
  • The role of Big Data in organizations' decision making - Daniel Torres Burriel (Torresburriel Estudio, Spain)
  • Antonio Rizzo (Full Professor of Cognitive Sciences & Technologies and Interaction Design - Siena University. Interviewer: Francesca Gabrielli (CE at Assist Digital) 
Shanghai 2017
The converging worlds of UX and Design
  • New Mobility and the “Exceptional Self”- Kykle Hsiao 
  • Conversational commerce & Chatbots Design: the new game changer? - Pascal Lannoo & Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Evolving your UX Approach: Adapt or Perish - Robert Schumacher & Manga Shailesh (Bold Insight, US)
  • UX outside the Labs - Stefano Zanini & Annemieke Van Ruiten 
  • UX in Automobile - Wolfgang Waxemberger
  • Using UX Analytics to improve the Performance for e-com Websites - Sonuia Ouaksel & Frederic Gaillard
  • UX Tool Box - Ilana Kaplan 
  • UX in Healthcare - Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, US)
  • VR Applications in UX - Maffee Wan
  • Sutherland - A case study in introducing design thinking to a large company - Simon Herd
  • Longitudinal Assessment of UX - Dairy studies/experience sampling in the context of wearables - Durgaprasad Vemula 
  • UX in Banking - Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Mixing qualitative and quantitative methods in UX Research - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
Mexico 2016
Building UX Maturity
  • UXPP, a model to plan the UX perception in organizations - Luis Carlos Aceves
  • UX and ROI: The impact of UX on the business - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Relationship between UX and Brand - Robert Schumacher (Bold Insight, US)
  • Design as inceptor, case study how Chilexpress changes its organizational Design - Jorge Barahona (AyerViernes, Chile)
  • How to implement Lean UX processes and innovation in large companies leading to an organizational change - Natalia Vivas
  • How to implement Lean UX processes and innovation in large companies leading to an organizational change - Isabel Murillo
  • Success story: Infonavit’s change of UXCulture - Adriana Camacho
  • A glance into the UX Maturity in Latin America: what experts think - Marta Sylvia del Río
  • UX Maturity: An International Banking App Benchmark - Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Case studies about how we helped grow / educate / mature UX in large companies in Japan - Francis Fung
  • How do I get UX people?: Challenges and strategies for identifying and recruiting UX (User Experience) talent in LatinAmerica - Víctor M. González
  • The UX toolbox: where we’ve been, where we’re going as UX matures - Ilana Kaplan
Sydney 2015
Levering the potential of UX
  • Adapt or Perish-Evolving your UX - Shailesh Manga 
  • Design at Cultural Interface - Crighton Nichols 
  • Embracing Customer 2.0 - Eugene Macey 
  • International Banking Study - Luca Petroni (Assist S.p.A., Italy)
  • Personalised to Intimate Experiences - Simon Lillis
  • Research and design - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Shaping Innovation with UX - Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, US)
  • Sprinting to better experiences - Kris Nygren
  • The barriers unseen; The potential unrealised - Sarah Pulis (PWC, Australia)
  • The hidden beauty of cognitive bias - Kim Chatterjee (PWC, Australia)
  • UX and Market Research - Francis Fung
  • UX Brand Relationships - Robert Schumacher (Bold Insight, US)
  • UX in Agile and Lean - JP Bourdarie (Axance, France)
  • UX ROI - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
New York 2014
UX and Market Research: Bridging the Gap
  • Looking at users looking at screens: reconstructing advertising impressions - Richard Zackon  (Facilitator, Council for Research Excellence)
  • How to keep your promises. Combining UX principles and innovation theory to ensure compelling benefits deliver for consumers- Gavin Lew (Executive Vice President, User Experience, GfK)
  • UX Design: A catalyst for corporate change - Marcio Leibovitch (Director, User Experience, Yu Centrik & Vincent Levesque, Senior Manager, User Experience, Videotron)
  • Market research and UX: “Of course they should go together”; so why aren’t we all doing it? - Francis Fung  (International UX Business Manager, Mitsue-Links)
  • Just text me what you need”: Text-based customer care as an example of disappearing interface - Marco Palmonari (COO, Text4Assist, Inc)
  • How to Measure User Experience… and to Calculate its ROI - Tim Bosenick (Global Product Lead, User Experience, GfK)
  • Innovation and UX in Banking: Lessons from Africa - Helga Letowt-Vorbek (Owner, Mantaray)
  • BFF’s: Market Research and UX combine to design the ultimate user experience - Shailesh Manga “SVP, User Experience, GfK & John Wittenbraker, Global Director, Innovation, Brand and Customer Experience, GfK)
  • Entering new markets through online channels - Jiri Suchy ‘(Digital Strategy Director, Experience U)
  • How and when to conduct unmoderated remote user testing - Alfonso de la Nuez (Co-Owner, UserZoom)
  • Delivering what customers want - James Kalbach (Principle UX Designer, Citrix Online)
  • Herding cats: Gaining alignment in a misaligned world - Chair: Lauren Zack, VP, User experience, GfK Karen Kranack, Global Executive Director of Site Experience, Estee Lauder Online, Evan Grossman, Vice President, athenaCare, athenahealth, Richard Zackon – Council for Research Excellence, Jim Kalbach – Principal UX Designer, Citrix Online , Karen Kranack – Global Executive Director of Site Experience, Estee Lauder Online, Evan Grossman – Vice President, athenacare at athenahealth , Stephen Scansaroli, Director of User Experience, ViralGains
Bangalore 2014
Gain Insights. Stay Inspired.
  • Embedding Experience: Bridging the Gap between Design and Reality”
  • by Morgan McKeagney
    User Experience & ROI: The Impact of UX on the Business - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • UX Alliance Product Launch - Jean-Philippe Bourdarie
  • User Journeys & Experience Mapping - Marcio Leibovitch
  • Future Workshop: UCD Technique to Envision Future Services - Stefano Zanini
  • Why Mobile Experience & Design will be Different between East and West - Francis Fung
  • Case Study: Converting Hits to Happy Users - Durga Prasad V
  • Digital TV: Designing the next generation UI - Joelle Stemp (Yucentric, Cananda)
  • Case Study: International organisations (UN/NGO) & Design - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • Power of UX Score to Predict Success in the Marketplace - Robert Schumacher 
  • Multi-Platform Mobile Design - Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland)
  • Socialising user research - Mercedes Sanchez
  • Designing Multi-Channel Customer Experiences - Marcio Leibovitch, Helga Letowt-Vorbek, Ashok Lalla, Sidharth Mukherjee, & Haroon Bijli
  • Challenges of Marketing UX Services - Robert Schumacher, Frederic Gaillard, Jessie Paul, Satish Patil, & Karthik Srinivasan
  • Are Smart Health Monitoring Devices Smart? Moving towards the Quantified Self - Ilana Kaplan
  • Making Quality Healthcare Affordable - Parag Trivedi
  • UX Around the World - Nakul Shenoy
  • Information Poverty: Design Challenges to Enable Digital Empowerment -Osama Manzar
Roma 2013
UX in business development & innovation
  • Service Design and UX: Measuring and Improving the Overall User Experience - Robert Schumacher (Executive Vice President  GfK User Centric - USA)
  • UX and ROI: the impact of UX on the business - Frederic Gaillard (Managing Director Axance - France)
  • Mobile Experience: Why mobile experience & design will be different between East and West - Francis Fung (International UX Business Manager @ Mitsue-Links - Japan)
  • UCD&I;: Designing for paradigm change: case Finnish post - Katariina Kalatie (Senior user experience consultant User Intelligence - Finland)
  • Agile UX: the answer to a mobile prayer? - Colin Bentley (Head of UX Practice iQ Content - Ireland)
  • UX, Innovation, Strategy - Ashley Benigno (Director, Creative Expression, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing Creation Nokia Design - UK)
  • Visualizing the customer experience using an experience journey map -Joelle Stemp (President and Co-Fouder Yu Centrik - Canada)
  • Involving users in the product development, the design and the marketing of medical devices - Thomas Visby Snitker (CEO SnitkerGroup - Denmark)
  • Designing impactful experiences - starting with the non-users - Franco Papeschi ‘Program Manager & Service Design expert World Wide Web Foundation - Netherlands)
  • UDOO: a powerful prototyping board for software development and design - Antonio Rizzo (Full Professor of Cognitive Science and Technology Università di Siena - Italy)
  • Transforming Learning Environments - Job Rutgers (M.C. McCain Professorship in Interaction Design Ontario College of Art & Design - Canada)


Prague 2013
UX in business development & innovation
  • Keynote: Business Value of UX - Gavin Lew & Robert Schumacher
  • Case Study: Transform your Business with Customer-Focused Design and Innovation - Bruce McRae Haldane
  • Integration of UX into Product Strategy - Simon Herd
  • Involving users in the product development, the design and the marketing of medical devices - Thomas Visby Snitker
  • Designing for paradigm change - Anna Helminen
  • Why mobile experience & design will be different between East and West - Francis Fung
  • Customer Experience (CX) – What it is and why you should have it in your company - Martin Bednar
  • UX and ROI: The impact of UX on the business - Frédéric Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Embedding experience: Bridging the gap between design and reality -Morgan McKeagney
  • Building a sustainable UX culture - Jiří Suchý
  • Visualizing your customer's experience with an experience journey map -Marcio Leibovitch (Yu Centric, Cananda)
  • Content Strategy - Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland)
  • UX Driven Innovations” by Jiří Mžourek
  • Insights into brining User Centric Thinking into a Large Organization - Nik Page
Madrid 2013
Usability and the User Experience
  • UX in the call center -  Robert Schumacher (Usercentric – USA)
  • Emerging methods (i.e, biometrics) in User Research - Gavin Lew (Usercentric – USA)
  • Service Design - Shailesh Manga (Usercentric – USA)
  • RITE Testing - Carola Weller (Sirvaluse – Germany)
  • UX and ROI - Eric Marillet (Axance- France)
  • Future Workshops: A user centered design technique to envision future services - Stefano Zanini (Assist – Italy)
Moscow 2012
Best practices in UX and Usability
  • The Four Essentials in Building An Effective UX Team - Robert Schumacher (User Centric, USA)
  • Creating Product Opportunities Through UX: A Case Study - Simon Herd, (ExperienceLab, UK)
  • Neurophysiology: Smoke and Mirrors or the Future of User Experience Research? - Aga Bojko (User Centric, USA)
  • Service Design: For Those Who Believe Experiences Matter - Shailesh Manga (User Centric, USA)
  • Back to the Future: the History of Usability Meets the Future of User Experience - Tim Bosenick, GfK SirValUse Consulting GmbH, Germany
  • The User Centered Design of a Social Network for a Financial Institution -Stefano Zanini and Luca Petroni (Assist S.p.A., Italy) 
  • Multichannel Services Design: Mediaservice for Rostelecom Case Study - Platon Dneprovsky (UIDesign Group, Russia)
  • Designing for the Digital-Native Generation - Eric Marillet (Axance, France)
  • UX KPI’s for marketing and business managers - Javier Darriba (Xperience Consulting), Spain
  • Service Design: Learning from Traditional Services - Ali Emre Berkman (UTRLAB, Turkey)
  • Advanced User Experience Techniques or “What they do not teach you in school…” - Gavin Lew (User Centric, USA)
  • International Online Banking Benchmark - Helga Letowt-Vorbek, (Mantaray, South Africa)
Johannesburg 2012
  • Social Media Marketing - How to build a sustainable relationship with your customers - Lana Strydom  (FNB, South Africa)
  • Mobile Web vs. Native: It’s Not About Technology, It’s About Psychology - Brian Donohue (IQ Content, Ireland)
  • Eye Tracking Crimes and Misdemeanors - Aga Bojko (UserCentric, USA)
  • The Business Value of UX Design - Phil Barret (Flow Interactive, South Africa)
  • How to Create Experiences That People Love (Service Design) - Ilana Kaplan (Optimal Experience, Australia)
  • International Bank Benchmark - Lessons Learned From the Banks’ Mobile & Websites - Helga Letowt-Vorbek (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • The End of Hype, Bullshit and Bling : UX Strategy in the Age of Austerity -Morgan  McKeagny (iQ Content, Ireland)
  • Designing Mobile Web Experiences - The Rights and Wrongs of Mobile Development - Tim Bishop (Prezence, South Africa)
  • Usability Research Toolkit - Thomas Visby Snitker (Snitker Group, Denmark)
  • The Four Essentials in Building an Effective UX Team - Robert Schumacher (User Centric, USA)
  • Designing for the Digital- Native Generation - Eric Marillet (Axance, France)
  • Around the World in 140  Characters : How Companies Manage Twitter in 17  Different Countries - Florian Egger (UXAlliance)
  • Lexis Nexis Creating Product Opportunities through UX - Simon Herd (ExperienceLab, UK)
  • Designing the Air New Zealand SkyCouch - Shailesh Manga (User Centric, USA)
  • Advanced User Experience Techniques - that they don’t teach you in class - Gavin Lew (User Centric, USA)
  • Back to the Future - The His- tory of Usability Meets the Future of User Experience - Carola Weller (GfK SirValUse Consulting GmbH, Germany)
Chicago 2011
What you do Matters
  • Is the Customer Experience a Safe Bet? - Brad Hirsch (Vice President and Assistant General Manager, Caesars Entertainment)
  • The Future of Market Research and UX Research - David Krajicek (Co-President, GfK Custom Research of North America)
  • Creative Alternatives for User Centered-Design - Mark Detweiler (Informatica, Inc.)
  • Eye Tracking Crimes and Misdemeanours - Aga Bojko  (User Centric, Inc.)
Copenhagen 2011
  • Redesigning; Balancing Design, Innovation & Usability - Klaus Kaasgaard (USA)
  • Designing the Sky Couch for Air New Zealand - Shailesh Manga (Optimal Usability, New Zealand)
  • User Experience and Agile Design - Jean-Phillipe Bourdaire (Axance, France)
  • Designing 3D to Increase User to Satisfaction - Soojin Park (ThinkUser, South Korea)
  • Social Design - Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (Podio, SocialSquare, Denmark)
  • Mobile for Africa - Helga Letowt-Vorbek (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Hearing Aid Development: Listening To The User - Brent Kirkwood (Widex, Denmark)
  • User Research with Children”  by Simon Herd (Experiencelab, United Kingdom)
  • A service journey through the Danish tax wilderness - Majken Praestbro (Danish Tax Authorities, Denmark)
  • New Methods for User Research with Workshop - Janne Lohvansuu (User Intelligence, Finland)
  • Advanced Usability Testing Methodology - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • The importance of Quantifying Usability and Remote Usability Testing - Javier Darriba (Xperience Consulting, Spain)
  • Usability Measurement - Handle with Care” By Rolf Molich (DialogDesign, Denmark)
  • Beyond Discount Usability; The Case for More Rigor -Luca Petroni & Stefano Zanini (Assist S. p.A., Milano, Italy)
  • Service Evaluation; Extend the scope of your methods - Tjeerd deBoer & Martje van der Linde (User Intelligence, Netherland)
  • Child's Play? User Research with Children - Simon Herd (ExperienceLab, United Kingdom)
  • Crossing the Red Light: A Service Journey Along the Winding Road of Buying a License Plate - Majken Praestro, Danish Tax Authorities, Denmark
  • The Future of Design - Gitte Just (Danish Design Assoc., Denmark)
  • Saying No to Native Apps - Brian Donohue, iQ Content, Ireland
  • iPad UX Design - Ilana Kaplan (Optimal Experience, Australia)
  • Creating Rapid Prototypes for iPhone Apps - Marcio Leibovitch (Yu Centrik, Canada)
  • Strategy- Driven Design - Jason Ralls, Fraser Lovatt, Daniel Mathiasen (LEGO, Denmark)
  • Moscow, Mumbai, Melbourne and Miami in One Week: Emerging Methods in Global User Research - Robert Schumacher (User Centric, United States)
Montreal 2010
  • Service design : Creating UX Greater than the Sum of their Parts - Ilana Kaplan (Optimal Experience, Australia)
  • Bixi : The New Generation - Michel Dallaire (Dallaire Industrial Design Québec, Canada)
  • Designing the Skycouch - Shailesh Manga (Optimal Usability, New Zealand)
  • Exploiting Cognitive Bias : Creating UX for the Irrational Human Mind - Jay Vidyarthi (Yu Centrik, Québec, Canada)
  • Up Close and Personal with Personas in Cross Cultural Projects - Lene Nielsen (SnitkerGroup, Denmark)
  • Eye-Tracking and User Experience - Gavin Lew (User Centric, US)
  • Measuring the user experience -  Tom Tullis, (Fidelity Investments, US)
  • The Future Of Online Customer Experiences - Vidya Drego, (Forrester Research, US)
  • The Cultural Impact on Global User Research from a Project Management Approach - Thomas (Snitker, SnitkerGroup, Denmark)
  • User Research Made Easy - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Conducting Global Quantitative User Research - Tim Bosenick(SirValUse, Germany)
  • The Virtual Casting -Simon Francès (Cirque du Soleil, Québec, Canada)
  • Stick With It! User Research is the Glue to Best Business Practices - Margot Dear (LexisNexis, UK)
  • Designing for the Next Generation of Multi-Touch : Multi-People, Multi-Industries - Wendy Yee (User Centric, US)
  • Brain, usability, and video games - Celia Villaman Hodent Ubisoft (France)
  • I Want My ITV! Creating successful interactive TV services - Simon Herd (ExperienceLab, UK)
  • Shopping for Unmoderated Usability Testing Tools - Bill Albert (Bentley University, US)
  • The Importance of Quantifying Usability - Javier Darriba (Xperience Consulting, Spain)
  • Combining Methods : User Testing and Web Analytics - Tjeerd de Boer (User Intelligence, Netherlands)
  • The Love-Hate Relationship with Voice Response Interfaces -  Chrystel Black (Yu Centrik, Québec, Canada)
  • Creating Online Trust and Credibility - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • Adapt or die, the next decade - Kuldeep Kelkar (PayPal, US)
Auckland 2010


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