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All our previous events

20- Zaragoza (Spain) in 2023
19- Paris (France + remote) in 2022
18- Bogota (Colombia + remote) in 2021
17- Mumbai (India + remote) in 2020
16- Johannesburg (South Africa) in 2019
15- Milan (Italy) in 2018
14- Shanghai (China) in 2017
13- Mexico (Mexico) in 2016
12- Sydney (Australia) in 2015
11- New York (USA) in 2014
10- Bangalore (India) in 2014
9- Roma (Italy) in 2013
8- Prague (Czech republic) in 2013
7- Madrid (Spain) in 2013
6- Moscow (Russia) in 2012
5- Johannesburg (South Africa) in 2012
4- Chicago (USA) in 2011
3- Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2011
2- Montreal (Canada) in 2010
1- Auckland (New Zealand) in 2010

Zaragoza 2023
We are changemakers. How leaders can design design change in a complex world
  • Welcome to UX Masterclass: A Gateway to Excellence, Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • How leaders can better grasp future generations: A UX research perspective, Ayumu Takeuchi and Honoka Sumida (Mitsue-Links, Japan)
  • From Complexity to Clarity: Navigating the Journey to Inclusive Digital Finance
    Chin Chin Burkolter (SomiaCX, Singapore, Indonesia)
  • The Future of AI in UX: Insights from the Global Frontline
​Lindsey DeWitt Prat and Bob Schumacher (Bold Insight)
  • From UCD to Design Justice: New Approaches to Adapt Design to Contemporary Challenges​​
​Judith Membrives (, Spain)
  • Celebrating Differences, Igniting Change: The Power of Cultural Design in Solving our Biggest Challenges
    Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, Africa)
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Paris 2022

Transform your organization through good design

  • Define your strategy with the "experiential singularity" matrix
    Céline Lemaire (Jules, France), Domitille Aulagnier-Collin (Devoteam Digital Impulse, France)
  • A structured approach to uncovering business opportunities
    Jose Campos and Sandra Mouta (Tangival, Portugal)
  • How to reframe your project to find opportunities beyond the product
    Lina Soufi (Devoteam Creative Tech, France)
  • Designing an organization for designers
    Joannes Vandermeulen (Namahn, Belgium)
  • Designing for digital inclusion in government
    Yalkenka Marien (Namahn, Belgium)
  • How we designed our Design Strategy
    Alex Clouet (Devoteam Creative Tech, France)
  • Increasing your Design Maturity: from baby steps to organizational strategy
    Wojciech Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland), Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • How we taught design research to a global organisation of non-designers
    Dr Mark Brady (Sutherland Labs, UK)
  • Proactive research: a compass for innovation
    Maria Isabel Murillo Castillo (Usaria, Bogota)
  • Why Global research
    Matters Yana Beranek (Ipsos, USA)
  • 3 things to consider when designing for the micro-segment of Indonesia
    Ukasyah QAP (Somia CZ, Indonesia)
  • Enabling transformation through a collaborative approach: from design system to systemic design
    Milka Eskola (Legrand, France), Camilla Briganti (Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Why Grand-Mère can’t text: inclusivity and older adults
    Bob Schumacher (Bold Insight, UK)
  • A simple recipe to build key experience indicator (KEI)
    Jean-Baptiste Durand (Rexel Group, Paris), Domitille Aulagnier-Collin and Asako Nakano (Devoteam Digital Impulse, France)
  • Rolling research: 5 tactics to increase the velocity of user engagement
    Mrudula Sreekanth (Peepal, India)
  • Research or die!
    Mercedes Sanchez (MS UX, Brazil)
  • Applying a UX approach to design a company around the employee
    Gavin Lew and Pamela Stoffregen-Gay (Bold Insight, USA)
Bogota 2021

Design for the future, Design for everyone

  • Building an inclusive design mindset
    Joelle Stemp (Yu Centric, Cananda)
  • Design is a politcal act: a framework for ethical and responsible design Luca Baldini (Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Inclusive research with undeserved audiences
    Kellie Hodge and Mark Brady (Sutherland Labs, UK)
  • Ethics and responsibility in UX design
    Susan Wolfe (OE Strategy, Australia)
  • Designing for digital inclusion in government
    Yalkenka Marien (Namahn, Belgium)
  • Design is a political act: a framework for ethical and responsible design
    Luca Baldini (Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Why now is the time to ensure artificial intelligence captures the right data
    Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, USA)
  • Ethical considerations in user research
    Alphonso Romay (Torresburriel, Spain)
  • UX training as a driving force in emerging markets
    Daniel Torres Buriel (Torresburriel, Spain)
  • Mobile money: The many different was its has aided inclusion, economies and communities across Africa
    Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Social design with communities in Chilean Patagonia
    Jorge Barahona (AyerViernes, Chile)
  • Building an inclusive design mindset
    Joelle Stemp (Yu Centric, Canada)
  • Research Ops: Our learnings from the last 6 months
    Marine Debussche and Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Remote research during Covid 19: What next?
    Liezel Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • UX Needs design leaders
    Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland)
  • What happens to UX research once the pandemic is over
    Bob Schumacher (Bold Insight, US)
2020 India.png
Mumbai 2020
The changing faces of UX
Our first online event
  • The Courage to Understand People Deeply -  Indi Young 
  • Facebook Desirability Toolkit -  Krispian Emert 
  • Transforming Banking Experiences -  Pallavi Kutty
  • Digital transformation journey - Ramya Balasubramaniam
  • Design for Social Impact - Susan J Wolfe (OE Strategy, Australia)
  • Gathering insights with the Next Billion - Melissa Z
  • Spotlight on Inclusion in UX - Muzayun Mukhtar
  • Designing for the next billion -  Harini Karthik
  • Hello UX! When startups dial in UX -  Aurobinda Pradhan and Suren Ramasubbu (Peepal, India)
  • Insights from Africa - Designing for diversity and inclusion -  Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Talking UX in the Lingo of Business Stakeholders - Alvin Chai
  • How to transform your organization through user research? - Frederic Gaillard and Marine Debussche (Axance, France)
  • Building a Research Repository - Durgaprasad Vemula and Diksha Gautam (Peepal, India)
  • Data driven User Modelling & Evidence based Design -  Jeongwoo Ryu
  • Voice of Products: Data driven design - Bhushan Patil
  • Large Enterprises & Startups: Innovating Together - Abhimanyu Kulkarni
  • Humanising Healthcare for Kids - Simon Herd (Sutherland Labs, UK)
  • Employee Experience: Towards a human centric organization  -Tim Bosenick (ReSight Global, Germany)
  • Designing Super Apps - Sameer Chavan
  • Design of Conversational Interfaces -  Luca Petroni (Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Remote Testing, Teens, Parents, Pandemics …What could go wrong? -  Robert Schumacher and Jon Abrams (Bold Insight, US)
  • The Time is Now for Humanizing AI -  Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, US)
  • Design Maturity Model: Why should organizations care? -  Joelle Stemp (Yucentric, Cananda), Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland) and Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
Johannesburg 2019
Humanising innovation: UX driven information
  • Innovation through collaborative design methods - Frederic Gaillard & Taline Karanfilian (Axance, France - Ingenico)
  • The Xploro app - how we approached humanising healthcare for kids - Simon Herd (Sutherland labs, UK)
  • UX means business - Bob Schumacher (Bold Insight, US)
  • How UX breaks down the silo mentality in organisations - Szeran Millo (Symetria, Poland)
  • Successful digital transformation with AI needs UX - Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, US)
  • Reshaping Trust For Financial Services: From Bank Counters To Open Spaces - Daniel Torres Burriel (Torresburriel Estudio, Spain)
  • Digital Ethics in Product Design: aligning business and user interests - Jon Weeks (Mitsue Links, Japan)
  • The evolving role of UX in building brands customers love - Tracy Hayes (Ipsos, US)
  • How may I help you?: How to generate business value starting from customer care interactions, using a user centered and data driven approach - Stefano Zanini & Marzia Battaglia  (Assist, Italy)
  • Employee Experience: How UX Helps to rebuild relationships and humanise companies - Alfonso Romay (Torresburriel Estudio, Spain)
  • The leapfrog effect, can Africa solve the world’s challenges? - Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
Milan 2018
UX Beyond the Screen
  • UX Design and Research facing the new challenges, from broader UX borders to new technologies - Luca Petroni (Head of Digital Strategy & Design at Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Incubating innovation and Building a Design Thinking culture - Lauren Zack (Head of UX Research and Insights, Acting Head of Design - SONY Interactive Entertainment)
  • A new service design approach to conceive an innovative car sharing experience - Paolo Moroni (Director Customer First & Innovation Group - Toyota Motor Italia S.p.A)
  • Too smart to fail: from a "User Thinking" approach to Business Design methodologies - Mariagrazia Silvaroli & Stefano Zanini (Assist Digital)
  • Automotive UX: challenges and approaches - Wolfgang Waxenberger
  • UX studies in Africa: opportunities for international organisations - Liezel Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Complementing Big Data with Small Data: the Case for Mixed Methods in UX Research - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • Al and UX - Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, Chicago)
  • “Al in digital marketing processes” 
  • by Janne Lohvansuu 
  • “Virtual Reality Applications in UX - Why, What and HoW VR” - Maliee Wah
  • Voice Ul; Forget everything you know about UI Design - Robert Schumacher (Managing Director, Bold Insight, Co-founder UXalliance)
  • Crafting Dreams - Patrizia Marti (Professor of Experience Design - Siena University and Eindhoven University of Technology, Director of the Santa Chiara Fab Lab)
  • Chatbot design: how to design conversational interfaces that work - Marco Palmonari (Assist Digital, France) & Frédéric Dardion (Axance People, France)
  • Design Thinking in large organizations” - Simon Herd
  • The power of user experience map. A collaborative tool to drive successful projects - Olivier Wolton
  • Rapid UX research and testing - Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland)
  • Enhancing Machine Learning with Better User Experience” - Jonathan Weeks & Hiroto Kaku
  • Designing Vocal Conversations - Elisabetta Schiatti
  • The role of Big Data in organizations' decision making - Daniel Torres Burriel (Torresburriel Estudio, Spain)
  • Antonio Rizzo (Full Professor of Cognitive Sciences & Technologies and Interaction Design - Siena University. Interviewer: Francesca Gabrielli (CE at Assist Digital) 
Shanghai 2017
The converging worlds of UX and Design
  • New Mobility and the “Exceptional Self”- Kykle Hsiao 
  • Conversational commerce & Chatbots Design: the new game changer? - Pascal Lannoo & Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Evolving your UX Approach: Adapt or Perish - Robert Schumacher & Manga Shailesh (Bold Insight, US)
  • UX outside the Labs - Stefano Zanini & Annemieke Van Ruiten 
  • UX in Automobile - Wolfgang Waxemberger
  • Using UX Analytics to improve the Performance for e-com Websites - Sonuia Ouaksel & Frederic Gaillard
  • UX Tool Box - Ilana Kaplan 
  • UX in Healthcare - Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, US)
  • VR Applications in UX - Maffee Wan
  • Sutherland - A case study in introducing design thinking to a large company - Simon Herd
  • Longitudinal Assessment of UX - Dairy studies/experience sampling in the context of wearables - Durgaprasad Vemula 
  • UX in Banking - Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Mixing qualitative and quantitative methods in UX Research - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
Mexico 2016
Building UX Maturity
  • UXPP, a model to plan the UX perception in organizations - Luis Carlos Aceves
  • UX and ROI: The impact of UX on the business - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Relationship between UX and Brand - Robert Schumacher (Bold Insight, US)
  • Design as inceptor, case study how Chilexpress changes its organizational Design - Jorge Barahona (AyerViernes, Chile)
  • How to implement Lean UX processes and innovation in large companies leading to an organizational change - Natalia Vivas
  • How to implement Lean UX processes and innovation in large companies leading to an organizational change - Isabel Murillo
  • Success story: Infonavit’s change of UXCulture - Adriana Camacho
  • A glance into the UX Maturity in Latin America: what experts think - Marta Sylvia del Río
  • UX Maturity: An International Banking App Benchmark - Helga Stegmann (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Case studies about how we helped grow / educate / mature UX in large companies in Japan - Francis Fung
  • How do I get UX people?: Challenges and strategies for identifying and recruiting UX (User Experience) talent in LatinAmerica - Víctor M. González
  • The UX toolbox: where we’ve been, where we’re going as UX matures - Ilana Kaplan
Sydney 2015
Levering the potential of UX
  • Adapt or Perish-Evolving your UX - Shailesh Manga 
  • Design at Cultural Interface - Crighton Nichols 
  • Embracing Customer 2.0 - Eugene Macey 
  • International Banking Study - Luca Petroni (Assist S.p.A., Italy)
  • Personalised to Intimate Experiences - Simon Lillis
  • Research and design - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Shaping Innovation with UX - Gavin Lew (Bold Insight, US)
  • Sprinting to better experiences - Kris Nygren
  • The barriers unseen; The potential unrealised - Sarah Pulis (PWC, Australia)
  • The hidden beauty of cognitive bias - Kim Chatterjee (PWC, Australia)
  • UX and Market Research - Francis Fung
  • UX Brand Relationships - Robert Schumacher (Bold Insight, US)
  • UX in Agile and Lean - JP Bourdarie (Axance, France)
  • UX ROI - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
New York 2014
UX and Market Research: Bridging the Gap
  • Looking at users looking at screens: reconstructing advertising impressions - Richard Zackon  (Facilitator, Council for Research Excellence)
  • How to keep your promises. Combining UX principles and innovation theory to ensure compelling benefits deliver for consumers- Gavin Lew (Executive Vice President, User Experience, GfK)
  • UX Design: A catalyst for corporate change - Marcio Leibovitch (Director, User Experience, Yu Centrik & Vincent Levesque, Senior Manager, User Experience, Videotron)
  • Market research and UX: “Of course they should go together”; so why aren’t we all doing it? - Francis Fung  (International UX Business Manager, Mitsue-Links)
  • Just text me what you need”: Text-based customer care as an example of disappearing interface - Marco Palmonari (COO, Text4Assist, Inc)
  • How to Measure User Experience… and to Calculate its ROI - Tim Bosenick (Global Product Lead, User Experience, GfK)
  • Innovation and UX in Banking: Lessons from Africa - Helga Letowt-Vorbek (Owner, Mantaray)
  • BFF’s: Market Research and UX combine to design the ultimate user experience - Shailesh Manga “SVP, User Experience, GfK & John Wittenbraker, Global Director, Innovation, Brand and Customer Experience, GfK)
  • Entering new markets through online channels - Jiri Suchy ‘(Digital Strategy Director, Experience U)
  • How and when to conduct unmoderated remote user testing - Alfonso de la Nuez (Co-Owner, UserZoom)
  • Delivering what customers want - James Kalbach (Principle UX Designer, Citrix Online)
  • Herding cats: Gaining alignment in a misaligned world - Chair: Lauren Zack, VP, User experience, GfK Karen Kranack, Global Executive Director of Site Experience, Estee Lauder Online, Evan Grossman, Vice President, athenaCare, athenahealth, Richard Zackon – Council for Research Excellence, Jim Kalbach – Principal UX Designer, Citrix Online , Karen Kranack – Global Executive Director of Site Experience, Estee Lauder Online, Evan Grossman – Vice President, athenacare at athenahealth , Stephen Scansaroli, Director of User Experience, ViralGains
Bangalore 2014
Gain Insights. Stay Inspired.
  • Embedding Experience: Bridging the Gap between Design and Reality”
  • by Morgan McKeagney
    User Experience & ROI: The Impact of UX on the Business - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • UX Alliance Product Launch - Jean-Philippe Bourdarie
  • User Journeys & Experience Mapping - Marcio Leibovitch
  • Future Workshop: UCD Technique to Envision Future Services - Stefano Zanini
  • Why Mobile Experience & Design will be Different between East and West - Francis Fung
  • Case Study: Converting Hits to Happy Users - Durga Prasad V
  • Digital TV: Designing the next generation UI - Joelle Stemp (Yucentric, Cananda)
  • Case Study: International organisations (UN/NGO) & Design - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • Power of UX Score to Predict Success in the Marketplace - Robert Schumacher 
  • Multi-Platform Mobile Design - Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland)
  • Socialising user research - Mercedes Sanchez
  • Designing Multi-Channel Customer Experiences - Marcio Leibovitch, Helga Letowt-Vorbek, Ashok Lalla, Sidharth Mukherjee, & Haroon Bijli
  • Challenges of Marketing UX Services - Robert Schumacher, Frederic Gaillard, Jessie Paul, Satish Patil, & Karthik Srinivasan
  • Are Smart Health Monitoring Devices Smart? Moving towards the Quantified Self - Ilana Kaplan
  • Making Quality Healthcare Affordable - Parag Trivedi
  • UX Around the World - Nakul Shenoy
  • Information Poverty: Design Challenges to Enable Digital Empowerment -Osama Manzar
Roma 2013
UX in business development & innovation
  • Service Design and UX: Measuring and Improving the Overall User Experience - Robert Schumacher (Executive Vice President  GfK User Centric - USA)
  • UX and ROI: the impact of UX on the business - Frederic Gaillard (Managing Director Axance - France)
  • Mobile Experience: Why mobile experience & design will be different between East and West - Francis Fung (International UX Business Manager @ Mitsue-Links - Japan)
  • UCD&I;: Designing for paradigm change: case Finnish post - Katariina Kalatie (Senior user experience consultant User Intelligence - Finland)
  • Agile UX: the answer to a mobile prayer? - Colin Bentley (Head of UX Practice iQ Content - Ireland)
  • UX, Innovation, Strategy - Ashley Benigno (Director, Creative Expression, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing Creation Nokia Design - UK)
  • Visualizing the customer experience using an experience journey map -Joelle Stemp (President and Co-Fouder Yu Centrik - Canada)
  • Involving users in the product development, the design and the marketing of medical devices - Thomas Visby Snitker (CEO SnitkerGroup - Denmark)
  • Designing impactful experiences - starting with the non-users - Franco Papeschi ‘Program Manager & Service Design expert World Wide Web Foundation - Netherlands)
  • UDOO: a powerful prototyping board for software development and design - Antonio Rizzo (Full Professor of Cognitive Science and Technology Università di Siena - Italy)
  • Transforming Learning Environments - Job Rutgers (M.C. McCain Professorship in Interaction Design Ontario College of Art & Design - Canada)
Prague 2013
UX in business development & innovation
  • Keynote: Business Value of UX - Gavin Lew & Robert Schumacher
  • Case Study: Transform your Business with Customer-Focused Design and Innovation - Bruce McRae Haldane
  • Integration of UX into Product Strategy - Simon Herd
  • Involving users in the product development, the design and the marketing of medical devices - Thomas Visby Snitker
  • Designing for paradigm change - Anna Helminen
  • Why mobile experience & design will be different between East and West - Francis Fung
  • Customer Experience (CX) – What it is and why you should have it in your company - Martin Bednar
  • UX and ROI: The impact of UX on the business - Frédéric Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Embedding experience: Bridging the gap between design and reality -Morgan McKeagney
  • Building a sustainable UX culture - Jiří Suchý
  • Visualizing your customer's experience with an experience journey map -Marcio Leibovitch (Yu Centric, Cananda)
  • Content Strategy - Wojtek Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland)
  • UX Driven Innovations” by Jiří Mžourek
  • Insights into brining User Centric Thinking into a Large Organization - Nik Page
Madrid 2013
Usability and the User Experience
  • UX in the call center -  Robert Schumacher (Usercentric – USA)
  • Emerging methods (i.e, biometrics) in User Research - Gavin Lew (Usercentric – USA)
  • Service Design - Shailesh Manga (Usercentric – USA)
  • RITE Testing - Carola Weller (Sirvaluse – Germany)
  • UX and ROI - Eric Marillet (Axance- France)
  • Future Workshops: A user centered design technique to envision future services - Stefano Zanini (Assist – Italy)
Moscow 2012
Best practices in UX and Usability
  • The Four Essentials in Building An Effective UX Team - Robert Schumacher (User Centric, USA)
  • Creating Product Opportunities Through UX: A Case Study - Simon Herd, (ExperienceLab, UK)
  • Neurophysiology: Smoke and Mirrors or the Future of User Experience Research? - Aga Bojko (User Centric, USA)
  • Service Design: For Those Who Believe Experiences Matter - Shailesh Manga (User Centric, USA)
  • Back to the Future: the History of Usability Meets the Future of User Experience - Tim Bosenick, GfK SirValUse Consulting GmbH, Germany
  • The User Centered Design of a Social Network for a Financial Institution -Stefano Zanini and Luca Petroni (Assist S.p.A., Italy) 
  • Multichannel Services Design: Mediaservice for Rostelecom Case Study - Platon Dneprovsky (UIDesign Group, Russia)
  • Designing for the Digital-Native Generation - Eric Marillet (Axance, France)
  • UX KPI’s for marketing and business managers - Javier Darriba (Xperience Consulting), Spain
  • Service Design: Learning from Traditional Services - Ali Emre Berkman (UTRLAB, Turkey)
  • Advanced User Experience Techniques or “What they do not teach you in school…” - Gavin Lew (User Centric, USA)
  • International Online Banking Benchmark - Helga Letowt-Vorbek, (Mantaray, South Africa)
Johannesburg 2012
  • Social Media Marketing - How to build a sustainable relationship with your customers - Lana Strydom  (FNB, South Africa)
  • Mobile Web vs. Native: It’s Not About Technology, It’s About Psychology - Brian Donohue (IQ Content, Ireland)
  • Eye Tracking Crimes and Misdemeanors - Aga Bojko (UserCentric, USA)
  • The Business Value of UX Design - Phil Barret (Flow Interactive, South Africa)
  • How to Create Experiences That People Love (Service Design) - Ilana Kaplan (Optimal Experience, Australia)
  • International Bank Benchmark - Lessons Learned From the Banks’ Mobile & Websites - Helga Letowt-Vorbek (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • The End of Hype, Bullshit and Bling : UX Strategy in the Age of Austerity -Morgan  McKeagny (iQ Content, Ireland)
  • Designing Mobile Web Experiences - The Rights and Wrongs of Mobile Development - Tim Bishop (Prezence, South Africa)
  • Usability Research Toolkit - Thomas Visby Snitker (Snitker Group, Denmark)
  • The Four Essentials in Building an Effective UX Team - Robert Schumacher (User Centric, USA)
  • Designing for the Digital- Native Generation - Eric Marillet (Axance, France)
  • Around the World in 140  Characters : How Companies Manage Twitter in 17  Different Countries - Florian Egger (UXAlliance)
  • Lexis Nexis Creating Product Opportunities through UX - Simon Herd (ExperienceLab, UK)
  • Designing the Air New Zealand SkyCouch - Shailesh Manga (User Centric, USA)
  • Advanced User Experience Techniques - that they don’t teach you in class - Gavin Lew (User Centric, USA)
  • Back to the Future - The His- tory of Usability Meets the Future of User Experience - Carola Weller (GfK SirValUse Consulting GmbH, Germany)
Chicago 2011
What you do Matters
  • Is the Customer Experience a Safe Bet? - Brad Hirsch (Vice President and Assistant General Manager, Caesars Entertainment)
  • The Future of Market Research and UX Research - David Krajicek (Co-President, GfK Custom Research of North America)
  • Creative Alternatives for User Centered-Design - Mark Detweiler (Informatica, Inc.)
  • Eye Tracking Crimes and Misdemeanours - Aga Bojko  (User Centric, Inc.)
Copenhagen 2011
  • Redesigning; Balancing Design, Innovation & Usability - Klaus Kaasgaard (USA)
  • Designing the Sky Couch for Air New Zealand - Shailesh Manga (Optimal Usability, New Zealand)
  • User Experience and Agile Design - Jean-Phillipe Bourdaire (Axance, France)
  • Designing 3D to Increase User to Satisfaction - Soojin Park (ThinkUser, South Korea)
  • Social Design - Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (Podio, SocialSquare, Denmark)
  • Mobile for Africa - Helga Letowt-Vorbek (Mantaray, South Africa)
  • Hearing Aid Development: Listening To The User - Brent Kirkwood (Widex, Denmark)
  • User Research with Children”  by Simon Herd (Experiencelab, United Kingdom)
  • A service journey through the Danish tax wilderness - Majken Praestbro (Danish Tax Authorities, Denmark)
  • New Methods for User Research with Workshop - Janne Lohvansuu (User Intelligence, Finland)
  • Advanced Usability Testing Methodology - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • The importance of Quantifying Usability and Remote Usability Testing - Javier Darriba (Xperience Consulting, Spain)
  • Usability Measurement - Handle with Care” By Rolf Molich (DialogDesign, Denmark)
  • Beyond Discount Usability; The Case for More Rigor -Luca Petroni & Stefano Zanini (Assist S. p.A., Milano, Italy)
  • Service Evaluation; Extend the scope of your methods - Tjeerd deBoer & Martje van der Linde (User Intelligence, Netherland)
  • Child's Play? User Research with Children - Simon Herd (ExperienceLab, United Kingdom)
  • Crossing the Red Light: A Service Journey Along the Winding Road of Buying a License Plate - Majken Praestro, Danish Tax Authorities, Denmark
  • The Future of Design - Gitte Just (Danish Design Assoc., Denmark)
  • Saying No to Native Apps - Brian Donohue, iQ Content, Ireland
  • iPad UX Design - Ilana Kaplan (Optimal Experience, Australia)
  • Creating Rapid Prototypes for iPhone Apps - Marcio Leibovitch (Yu Centrik, Canada)
  • Strategy- Driven Design - Jason Ralls, Fraser Lovatt, Daniel Mathiasen (LEGO, Denmark)
  • Moscow, Mumbai, Melbourne and Miami in One Week: Emerging Methods in Global User Research - Robert Schumacher (User Centric, United States)
Montreal 2010
  • Service design : Creating UX Greater than the Sum of their Parts - Ilana Kaplan (Optimal Experience, Australia)
  • Bixi : The New Generation - Michel Dallaire (Dallaire Industrial Design Québec, Canada)
  • Designing the Skycouch - Shailesh Manga (Optimal Usability, New Zealand)
  • Exploiting Cognitive Bias : Creating UX for the Irrational Human Mind - Jay Vidyarthi (Yu Centrik, Québec, Canada)
  • Up Close and Personal with Personas in Cross Cultural Projects - Lene Nielsen (SnitkerGroup, Denmark)
  • Eye-Tracking and User Experience - Gavin Lew (User Centric, US)
  • Measuring the user experience -  Tom Tullis, (Fidelity Investments, US)
  • The Future Of Online Customer Experiences - Vidya Drego, (Forrester Research, US)
  • The Cultural Impact on Global User Research from a Project Management Approach - Thomas (Snitker, SnitkerGroup, Denmark)
  • User Research Made Easy - Frederic Gaillard (Axance, France)
  • Conducting Global Quantitative User Research - Tim Bosenick(SirValUse, Germany)
  • The Virtual Casting -Simon Francès (Cirque du Soleil, Québec, Canada)
  • Stick With It! User Research is the Glue to Best Business Practices - Margot Dear (LexisNexis, UK)
  • Designing for the Next Generation of Multi-Touch : Multi-People, Multi-Industries - Wendy Yee (User Centric, US)
  • Brain, usability, and video games - Celia Villaman Hodent Ubisoft (France)
  • I Want My ITV! Creating successful interactive TV services - Simon Herd (ExperienceLab, UK)
  • Shopping for Unmoderated Usability Testing Tools - Bill Albert (Bentley University, US)
  • The Importance of Quantifying Usability - Javier Darriba (Xperience Consulting, Spain)
  • Combining Methods : User Testing and Web Analytics - Tjeerd de Boer (User Intelligence, Netherlands)
  • The Love-Hate Relationship with Voice Response Interfaces -  Chrystel Black (Yu Centrik, Québec, Canada)
  • Creating Online Trust and Credibility - Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • Adapt or die, the next decade - Kuldeep Kelkar (PayPal, US)
Auckland 2010
  • Air NZ Skycouch - Innovative research to guide product and space design
  • How to create and grow a great UX team
  • Agile User Research
  • Creating great government portals
  • UX in Healthcare
  • Combining Methods: User Testing and Web Analytics
  • Un-moderated Remote Usability Testing
  • Eye-tracking and user experience
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