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9:00 am CEST


9:30 am CEST

Define your strategy with the "experiential singularity" matrix

A valuable compass to move forward an organization in a fast-changing environment.

In a competitive increasing market, the clothing retailer "Jules" understood the importance of differentiating, while being consistent with its brand values.

Starting with the (un)stated needs of customers, we challenged the project team with our Experiential Singularity Matrix to create a unique and outstanding omnichannel Customer Experience, that has boosted the satisfaction and increased the revenues.


Céline Lemaire


10:00 am CEST

A structured approach to uncovering business opportunities

People may not know what solution they want, but they better know what their needs are!
What might be called a human-centered innovation is an approach to uncovering business opportunities in a structured way (based on Tony Ulwick's work).

The process starts with a qualitative user research to expose user needs, then a quantitative and statistical analyses to reveal the hidden business opportunities.

In this talk, José will share how his team applied this approach to different market sectors through some use cases.

#innovation  #strategy


10:30 am CEST

How to reframe your project to find opportunities beyond the product

We have created a canvas that is intended to help design teams and managers to step back and look for opportunities beyond the product. This approach contributes to develop systems thinking skills and organizational change towards  customer centricity

We will share our tips and the canvas itself during this talk.

#service-design  #product-design  #experience-strategy

11:00 am CEST


11:15 am CEST

Designing an organization for designers

Joannes discusses his successes and failures in organising a design agency that is fair, sustainable (=profitable) and purposeful. Designers are not your average employees: they are driven and want to have an impact. How can the leadership of a design agency consider the passion of its members?


11:40 am CEST

How we designed our Design Strategy

For the last 5 years, we have been investigating many ways to include the end user into the design, most of the time we failed at changing design habits

...It has been a long path, where we have learned a lot. 
As we were not afraid to fail, we have learned a lot, step-by-step and of course with some hiccups (and a few catastrophes) but we've built a strong design methodology based on research and promoted by the internal design team.

#service-design  #product-design  #experience-strategy

12:05 am CEST

Increasing your Design Maturity: from baby steps to organizational strategy

Design is often seen as one step in the process of creating products and services to end customers. Yet, good design, by essence, is people-centric and focuses as much on the challenges of internal teams as on the needs and expectations of clients. Good design, as a process, has been found to generate better business results as it helps teams identify the right customer pain points and solve them effectively. That is why the obsession with customer experience should be an organization’s core value shared by all employees – and not just by the design team!

#design-maturity  #uxmaturity  #design-leadership  #strategy

12:30 am CEST

How we taught design research to a global organisation of non-designers

Building a strong design mindset culture is a challenge for large organisations. 
Drawing on the disciplines of human-centred research, design and filmmaking, Mark will explain how Sutherland Labs developed a programme of training, designed to tackle exactly this challenge.

#design-research  #training

1:00 pm CEST

Lunch break

2:15 pm CEST

Proactive research: a compass for innovation

We are all working hard to make companies understand the advantage of doing UX Research. However, right now, most of the work is reactive. It means in response to a product or service that already exists. That leaves out the complete experience that a customer or a potential one, have with a company or their competitors, and the opportunity to take a step forward by learning deeply about the problems and needs of people in order to anticipate them.

#userresearch  #proactive  #strategy

2:45 pm CEST

Why Global research Matters

The demand for global UX research and design continues to grow as businesses recognize the opportunity to localize their product and experience to attract and serve a larger target audience.
To drive adoption and engagement with more users, companies need to make sure they understand the cultural nuances and market-driven needs outside of their local experience. They also need to make sure that their recruiting, research design and execution and analysis are done with a focus on market differences that may impact who is invited to participate in research, how sessions are designed and moderated, and how insights are formed based on the context of the participants. For reference, we’ll share a case study that highlights how global research helped a consumer electronics company think differently about the roll out of their new global e-commerce brand site.

#global-research  #co-creation  #omnichannel

3:15 pm CEST

3 things to consider when designing for the micro-segment of Indonesia

People working in the informal sector deal with more uncertainty in their daily life, affecting their perceptions and preferences in choosing & using digital products. They form one of the biggest segments, and might vary from the people in the usual digital product user target. When Designing UX for this segment, we need to take this into consideration.

#inclusivity  #cultural-diversity  #micro-segment

3:45 pm CEST

Enabling transformation through a collaborative approach: from design system to systemic design

The high complexity in corporate processes requires a renewed approach to facilitate internal change. How can a tool, like a Design System, be the trigger to shape a synergic environment.

#design-system  #systemic-design


4:15 pm CEST

Why Grand-Mère can’t text: inclusivity and older adults

Older adults represent a growing segment of the population in many parts of the world.

Yet the energy invested in research and design for this population is out of balance with that given to younger people. This talk raises awareness of the needs of older users and opportunities for designers and researchers to really make a difference

#inclusivity  #design

4:45 pm CEST


5:00 pm CEST

A simple recipe to build key experience indicator (KEI)

You have difficulties to prove that your initiatives to improve the experience have an impact ?

You are convinced that the experience is directly linked to business, but you don't know how to prove it ?

Then this talk is for you! 

In this talk, we will guide you through simples steps of a method tested in 2 countries for Rexel design team, and give you tips to setup your own KEIs in your company.


#performance  #measure #key-experience-indicator  #uxdata


5:30 pm CEST

Rolling research: 5 tactics to increase the velocity of user engagement

Speed of learning is often constrained by organizational constraints and limitations. Rolling Research offers teams a way to deal with the organizational overhead and at the same time supercharge customer engagement with a regular cadence of standardized research that is in sync with agile product development cycles.


Attend our talk to learn when and how to set up a rolling research program and the benefits that accrue from such a program.

#user-research  #researchops

5:50 pm CEST

Research or die!

Choosing the right user approach can save your business.

Low clarity on customers' needs was driving a leading financial company down in the wrong direction until the team decided to use an efficient combination of research methods.


6:20 pm CEST

New subject: applying a UX approach to design a company around the employee

Presenters Gavin Lew and Pamela Stoffregen-Gay will share an experiment that turned into an impressive case study of designing a company from the ground up with one simple idea, “what if we designed an organization around the employee”. With employee retention at the forefront, learn how this approach translated into explosive growth over five years and how these UX-based tactics can be implemented in your organization.



Pamela Stoffregen-Gay

7:00 pm CEST


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